Winter Purple Diet

Posted on July 4, 2014
Add A Touch Of Purple to your diet this Winter


Whilst most of us think that carrots are orange – Top Juice is aiming to prove consumers wrong with the introduction of its new Purple Carrot Juice packed with goodness, available in stores now.

Carrots are the world’s second favourite veg after potatoes and have long been lauded for the health benefits they offer including; healthy eyes, skin, hair, and immune systems. They can lower cholesterol, prevent heart attacks, help reduce the risk of certain types of cancers and last but not least – they are packed with a bunch of nutrients.

Purple carrots are like super-carrots. They have the same benefits as their orange counterparts with the added benefit of anthocyanin’s that are naturally bred in purple carrots. Anthocyanin’s are antioxidants that give many vegetables their red, purple, and blue colouring. In fact, purple carrots have 28 times more of these anthocyanin’s than an orange carrot.

Even better is the fact that 100% of the purple carrots used in these juices have been grown by Australian farmers from within the regions.

Top Juice Purple Carrot Juice peaks in the spring months but is also available at other times of the year. No added extras.

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