No Gym? No Problem!

Posted on July 25, 2014

No Gym? No Problem!

We’re all pretty time poor and often, when we’re running low on time; the first thing to get left out of our routine is exercise. Part of the reason for this is that, for many of us, we associate getting fit and healthy with expensive gym memberships. The truth is that all you need is consistency and commitment to an exercise regime to achieve the results you want. Incidental exercise such as regular walking or taking the stairs instead of the lift can help.

There are a great number of body weight exercises that can be done in the home and cost nothing but a little time and effort. Click here for an example of the 44 best bodyweight exercises that can easily be completed in the home or in a park or wherever you can find the space. (Note: some may require basic equipment).

One of the most important aspects of getting healthy is to ensure your fuelling your body correctly. When you are working out you are literally tearing your muscles (but don’t worry these are only micro tears – providing you have done the exercise correctly). The stress you put on your muscles during exercise is what causes these small muscle fibres to break as they contract. This is important because the idea is that when your muscle heals it will heal longer or bigger depending on what gains you are trying to achieve (lean muscle mass or bulk).

These ‘tears’ are the reason that it’s so important to have the proper nutrients and amount of protein before and after your workout as they will quickly begin to repair themselves, hopefully growing bigger, but in order to do so they need fuel.

The best source of fuel for your muscles is protein and the optimum method for getting it into your body before and after exercise, is through shakes. That’s why Top Juice has worked tirelessly on our range of protein shakes designed for you to take on the go. Their formulas have been specially designed to ensure they have all the g0odness you need to help support you after your workout and each shake is packed with your choice of fresh berries, fruits, vegetables and has a shot of low fat whey protein.

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