What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Cold Press!

Posted on August 12, 2015

There’s nothing I love more than a fresh juice on my way to and from work – give me a squeeze of orange, a dash of ginger, or a splash of watermelon and I am thirsty for more! I’m a sucker for Top Juice’s Slim Grin; a deliciously disguised veggie juice with kale, spinach, celery and apple. I always get a small twist of lemon added when I’m feelin’ extra zesty! The highlight of my frequent juice trips is watching the fresh produce go straight into the juicer from the vibrant displays – you really can’t beat the quality that you can see before your eyes.


So, juice fans are all familiar with our traditional made-to-order juices. But have yáll heard of cold pressed juice before?! No doubt you’ve stumbled on the term ‘cold pressed’ in the media recently – let me tell you a bit more about it! Produce that is cold pressed extracts juice by slowly pressing the produce without adding heat. Cold pressed juice can be bottled and is good to keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. If you still want your fresh made juice ‘stat’ then you can still get your regular TJ fix straight from the menu, or customised. Awesome, I can have my juice and drink it too!

Last time I swung by Top Juice my eyes caught some bright lil bottles in the display – alas, they were cold press! They’re all natural with no additives or preservatives. So I ordered my usual AND (get this)… also bought myself a bottle of cold pressed slim grin to take home!

There’s a selection of about 15 different flavours, with a wide variety of veggie, fruit, and combination mixes. I had a chat to my fave staff and heard on the grape-vine about a few new additions coming to stores soon. Keep an eye out for the seasonal range; Mandarin Magic (100% mandarin), Pomegranate Perfection (100% pomegranate), Purple Carrot (100% purple carrot), and Blood Orange (100% blood orange). Yum, take a little TJ magic home with you and enjoy! You. Are. Welcome.

Take a look at some on-the-go Cold Press snaps up on Instagram, and share yours with #TopJuice.



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