What is Top Juice?
Top Juice is Australia’s most innovative, trusted and universally loved brand for healthy juices, smoothies and nourishment while remaining true to our roots of fresh produce and real ingredients.

Where are Top Juice stores located?
Check out our store locator here to find a store near you!

Where is the menu?
You can visit this link, or in-store to view our menu!

How do I provide feedback?
We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us at

Do you deliver?
Almost all stores are partnered with delivery services such as Uber Eats, where we provide a number of takeaway options. For other options, please refer to your prefered delivery partner for further information.

Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program?
We sure do! Join today to earn free drinks, create online orders and more! Just head to this link to download the app. We are available on the App and Play Store.

How much is it?
It’s free! 🙂

What’s included?
We have a ton of key features in our loyalty program, including pre-order, free birthday drinks, store finder and not to mention every 8th medium drink is free!* Plus, exclusive offers. Download now to find out how you can save. *T&Cs apply, visit here.

Loyalty app points missing?
Don’t stress! They may take up to 24hrs to load to your account. If you still cannot see anything please email with your membership number and proof of purchase (keep in mind, points count towards any medium or large drink only).

I can’t find my free drink?
Once you have purchased enough drinks you will be able to redeem one free medium drink via our app. You just need to go to the offers tab to find all of your freebies.

Free Birthday drink?
Yes, you heard right! We want to celebrate with you, so on your birthday you will receive a free birthday medium drink* to cash in within the week after your b’day – so party up! *T&Cs apply, visit here.

Does my free 8th drink voucher expire?
The free drink voucher must be claimed within 30 days, after the 7th drink has been purchased and will have a one time only use.

Discounts and Promotions

Do you have a sign-up offer available through the loyalty program?
Yes! If you download the app, you will receive 20% off your first order. Download here.

Do you have a student discount?
Yes, we have an ongoing $5 small juices (fruit & veg) discount for all students! Simply show your student ID to redeem.*

Does Top Juice give free birthday drinks?
Yes, we do via our app! Download here.

How do I redeem an email offer?
Either in-app or in-store promotions will be sent to you via email newsletter. Follow the instructions in the email to redeem. *T&Cs apply. Visit here.

Juices and Custom Drinks

Do your juices contain any added sugar?
No, they don’t! The sweetness you taste is from our 100% natural product.

What drink sizes do you have?
We have three sizes, these are: small, medium and large.

Can I create my own drink?
Yes! We can make any combination of the ingredients. *Please note select juices require a particular item as a base to ensure your drink can liquified. Selected one litre juices may incur an additional charges due to local market charges.

Nutritional Information / Allergen Notice

Do you have vegan options?
Yes, of course! You can substitute any milk, yoghurt or protein with a vegan option at our stores. *This may incur additional charges.

What dairy alternatives do you have?
All stores have almond milk, soy milk and coconut water.

Are you 100% natural?
All of our juices are 100% natural! We only use natural fruit and veg.

Does Top Juice offer Halal products?
Yes! All of our products are Halal.

Is your yoghurt pasteurised and contain probiotics?
Yes! Our yoghurts are pasteurised and contain probiotics that are safe for consumption during pregnancy.

How old must you be to order a protein shake?
Protein shakes may not be suitable for children under 15 years old or while pregnant. Please refer to our menu here, for further product details.

Where can I find your allergen notice?
Please see our allergen notice here for more details.

What is the average adult daily KJs Intake?
The average adult daily intake is 8700 KJs.


Do you offer delivery for catering orders?
Pick-up is available at participating stores. Check out our locations page here to find a store near you!

Can I pick up on weekends?
If your local store trades on weekends, then yes! This may vary depending on location – for further information contact

What are the lead times to place a catering order?
We recommend placing your order at least 3 business days before pick-up, so we can notify and organise with the store.


Are you hiring?
We are always looking for fresh applicants, the best way to apply would be here and select the store locations best suited to you.

I am a student; can I work at Top Juice?
As long as you are 15 years and over you can apply!

What’s involved when you work at Top Juice?
Our juice experts are multi-talented! Get experience in a juicing, blending and preparing fruit and veg for our customers. You will also be trained in customer service, cash handling, production line work, WHS and food safety.

Do you have any HQ roles open?
The best place to look is here on our careers page.


Can I open a franchise?
The best way to go about becoming a Top Juice owner is by enquiring via this link.

Need more information before enquiring?
Please visit this link directed to our franchising page with additional FAQs.