Dairy-Free Yoghurt. Let’s Discuss…

The new Coconut Yoghurt at Top Juice is the BEST yoghurt alternative you can have!

Don’t do Dairy? DO try this certified Organic Coconut Yoghurt as a substitute in your Smoothies and Yoghurts.

This Coconut Yoghurt is a delicious blend of coconut flesh and a few key ingredients into a lovely creamy mixture – hold the cream! And we aren’t afraid to list the ingredients either, check out the below:



Organic Coconut Cream (60%), Water, Organic Starch, Chicory Root Fibre, Live Cultures and Probiotics.


Not only is it all majority Coconut, but the yoghurt still has cultures and probiotics inside, giving you the digestive benefits that regular yoghurt provides.

Did we mention Organic? Our providers ensure every ingredient in this yoghurt is certified organic which means there are no nasty pesticides and the yoghurt is sustainably farmed and made. How awesome is that?

No Dairy. Check. Organic. Check. A great healthy alternative? Check check CHECK!


Dairy-Free Top Juice fans, this one’s for you!


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