You HAVE to try these custom drink recommendations from our TJ store owners!

We all know why you’re here… you want to hear from the experts about what you can do to spice up your fave flavours! By experts we mean our store owners and managers of course!

And if you aren’t here for that, well, we don’t know where you’re heading but stay a while and check out some never-before-seen combinations đŸ˜±

Let’s just get into the juicy details shall we?


Starting off with Jason from Liverpool NSW who loves to add Chia seeds to his post-gym Cacao Shake!

We loved it so much we featured this on our Insta, go check it out @topjuiceau


What about trying our Brazilian Blend Smoothie but make it a Shake with Protein, Almonds and Oat milk.

“It has to be oat milk to get the best flavour” – Sourabh, TJ Warringah NSW owner says.


Shirley from our Macquarie NSW Foodcourt store loves adding Ginger to the Pear Flair juice which has Pear Pineapple Apple and Mint.

In fact Ginger with any drink is a popular customer order at her store. “It’s the perfect boost to your fave flavour!” she says.


If we take a trip to North Sydney, owner Neo at Greenwood Plaza NSW loves his Chia Puddings Dairy Free!

The yoghurt is so much better as COYO Coconut Yoghurt and the decoration has to be topped with a little sprinkle of pistachio.


All the way down in VIC, our Collins Place Managers Shanly and her husband Mark cannot get enough of Acai and the Two Seasons Frappe!

We love seeing a Top Juice couples combo!


Over in Eastgardens NSW our owner Nazeer has been trialling and testing his own vegan Green Smoothie combination, for weeks perfecting the perfect flavours!

He has one everyday and cannot recommend it enough to his customers.

Next visit to Top Juice try mixing Banana, Kale, Spinach, Walnuts, Mango, Coconut Water & Vegan Protein – now thats a combination and a half!


Any TJ Parramatta NSW fans reading this one?

Well if you are you may know our Level 1 owners Richard & Angie, they are big fans of any combo with Watermelon & Mint together.

Richard told us “I’ve never drank pure Watermelon juice before Top Juice, but I was surprised when I mixed it with Mint, it was so fresh!”


Further up the coast we travel to our Tuggerah NSW store and spoke with store manager Ashley and owner Robert.

She loves our Havana Smoothie, but she loves it even more with Pineapple added in. It just amplifies the flavour and gives the Smoothie an extra kick!


At TJ Burwood NSW, owner Hadi has a unique decorating method for his Chia and Spirulina cups.

He swear by Dragonfruits on top of his to-go cup range, especially pink Dragonfruit and Blue Spirulina, the colour combination is so beautiful.


Phil & Sabrina are our Chatswood NSW store owners, you may have seen their new store open not too long ago!

One combo they cannot get enough of is our Shake 6 with Acai added to it, and they recommend it to all of their customers new and old.


Over at our Hurstville NSW store, owner Queenie and her team get a lot of custom changes to our Shake 4 drink.

Although we love it, she says that everyone loves it with Coconut Water instead of Milk, to make it dairy free!


We also highly recommend Jradi from TJ Bankstown NSW stores most requested custom drink.

It’s our already famous Veggie Juice, the Slim Grin, but try asking for pineapple with it next time, he says his customers always ask for this to make the drink that little bit sweeter.


Urvi at our TJ Miranda NSW store is a massive fan of our Acai Mix Smoothie which is a blend of Acai, Banana, Yoghurt, Milk and Honey.

However she adds in peanut butter and switches the milk to Almond Milk!


The Wetherill Park NSW owner Emy and her team swear by our Acai Mix with peanut butter added – what a SWEET combo!

They also happen to have a Sugarcane press machine and cannot get enough of Sugarcane, Lemon, Ginger & Pineapple.


And last up is owner Jian from Chifley Plaza & Piccadilly NSW stores who loves to put a twist on our fave Smoothie, the Summerset.

“I introduce a customer to Summerset, but with Watermelon instead of milk. It’s a really good mix!”


I don’t know about you guys, but we are so excited about these amazing recommendations, we can’t wait to go out and try them all! Our owners and managers sure do know what they are talking about 😏


Until next time,

The TJ Team